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Bookish Blindside

Blind Date With A Book - New Books

Blind Date With A Book - New Books

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These Book Boxes are perfect for a book lover.

Start your captivating literary journeys with our Blind Date with a Book experience! Discovered stories carefully curated by our team of avid readers, all wrapped in the delightful mystery of what lies within.

What's Included:

1. Handpicked Brand New Book

2. Your Chosen Genre or Complete Surprise: Tailor your experience by selecting a preferred genre or embracing the thrill of the unknown. Communicate your preference during the ordering process.

Additional Features:

1. Complimentary Delights: Elevate your reading atmosphere with a complimentary premium teabag and an eye heat compress mask, ensuring a cozy and immersive reading experience.

2. Unique Bookmark & Postcard : Each Blind Date with a Book package includes a one-of-a-kind bookmark.

At Bookish Blindside, our mission is to revive the excitement of unexpected reading adventures. Whether it's a treat for yourself or a fellow book enthusiast, our Blind Date with a Book offers the perfect gateway to exploring new worlds, authors, and stories. Immerse yourself in the joy of surprise!


Perfect gift for book lovers. Various Genre available: Fantasy Blind Date with a book, Horror Blind Date With a Book. Fantasy Book Box, Romance Book Box, Horror Book Box

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